Foster Dogs -- Guests in Our Home

German Shepherd Rescue
T & G's K9 B & B

Our mom and dad volunteered with the Orange County Chapter of German Shepherd Rescue from the summer of 2000 until the winter of 2002 (when they adopted two human sisters for us to play with) so, at the time, we got lots of temporary play mates.

So far, the Guest Register at our home shows:

Name Visit Status
Toby April 2001
Sabrina March 2001
Misty November 2000
Gretchen October 2000
Jewel September 2000
Duke August 2000
Abigail July 2000
Zeus (now "Kaiser") July 2000

Toby Got a New Family!
Toby is a HUGE one-year-old, pure bred GSD. He's very friendly and gentle, but doesn't know his own strength yet -- body too large for brain. He also suffers from a lack of discipline. Toby is very eager to please so he's soaking up some obedience training during his foster period. He likes to fetch balls and will follow you around just to be nearby. He seems to be good with other dogs and should be great with children.

Here are some photos of us hanging out with our foster friends:

(l-r)Jewel, Tasmin, Gryphon (l-r)Jewel, Gryphon, Tasmin (l-r)Gryphon, Tasmin, Jewel
Front: (l-r) Gryphon, Tasmin
Rear: (l-r) Gretchen, Jewel
(l-r) Gretchen, Tasmin
(l-r) Gryphon, Gretchen, Mom
(l-r)Tasmin, Gryphon, Misty (l-r)Toby, Tasmin, Gryphon (l-r)Gryphon, Tasmin, Toby